Shreveport Bossier Security Camera Blog Series

Cypress Multimedia would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our guests, clients and friends to our first ever blog post! 2015 is coming to an end and what a successful year it was for us! In 2015 Cypress Multimedia was founded to serve a niche market in High-End video surveillance. With our values of exceeding clients expectations, providing outstanding support and offering the latest in video surveillance to the Shreveport market we look forward to exponential growth in 2016!

From the very beginning we have focused on client education and made it a top priority of our business model. The video security landscape is constantly changing and we like to keep our new customers and existing clients informed. A video surveillance system is a large investment and we want to make sure that we are matching our customers needs perfectly to one of our suite of products. Anyone with the correct tools and expertise can install a system but what truly makes the difference? Isn’t a camera just a camera?

For 2016 we will start a blog series covering all aspects of the Video Security landscape to help educate our future clients on making purchasing decisions based on their needs. This will cover topics such as: Why Cypress Multimedia over other companies, video formats (analogue, HD-TVI, HD-SDI, IP), different types of cameras, DVR or NVR, 1080P or 720P, Bitrate and Frame Rate, Compression, Cables – do they really matter? This sounds very confusing, however, we feel this is crucial information to share with our customers. There are many different styles, types and sizes of shoes available. However, you wouldn’t go to work in soccer shoes 3 sizes too small, why would you choose a security camera system that didn’t fit either.

We look forward to bring you this educational series in 2016! Have a very Blessed and Happy New Year! As always Cypress Multimedia is just a click or phone call away for any of your video surveillance needs!